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Dart Tournament every Wednesday.
Sign-ups are at 7:30pm.
Come test your skills and get a chance to win a cash prize.


Check out our club, The Palms, right next 

door to Peabody's! DJ's 5 nights a week!
Two full service bars! Private party
or event reservations,including catering,
are available for practically nothing!

Call us for more information regarding
bookings at 813-972-1725.







Ok, since a lot of people are asking us if we are going to be showing the 
Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd, this is what we have decided to do. 
A lot of you know that we have to pay a lot of money for this fight, and when we say a lot of money we mean in the thousandth of $$$$$. For us to be able to show the fight we need to charge $30 a person and pre-collect the money from at least 150 people one week before the fight is scheduled. If we get 150 people to pre-pay $30 each then we will be able to show the fight for sure. If we do not get the 150 people we need then we will refund back everyone that paid their full $30 and we will not show the fight.
 So let all your friends know, we are accepting payment as of now. So far we already have around 25 people that are very interested but we need a lot more so spread the word.
Any questions let us know.  Thanks

Don't forget The Walking Dead 
every Sunday @9 pm.

Come hang out with us and watch it 
on our huge  10 ft screen.
Every Sunday we will have The Walking Dead watch party at The Palms Lounge, starts at 8pm

We now sell all of our wing Sauces. Come by and pick one up today.